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We offer affordable and safe electrical work for homes and businesses in and around Pakenham.

Electrician Pakenham

Polarised Electrical Services offer an A grade electricians to businesses and residents in Pakenham and surrounding areas. We realise that using an electrician for a professional and safe electrical job at your home or office in Pakenham is an important decision. So feel free to check out our Google Reviews to see what other customers have said. If you have searched for electrician Pakenham, then Polarised are your local business providing electrical solutions.

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For all of your residential and commercial electrical needs; from a power point, led downlight, air conditioner, ceiling fan, security lights, safety switches and more. If you live near Pakenham and are looking for an electrician, then Polarised Electrical Services can assist you with your project. Take a look at 9 of our professional services available below. If the service you are looking for is not listed, use the Quick Quote form on this page to enquire about your needs. Our electrical services available in Pakenham are listed below.

1. Smoke Alarm install

Did you know that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years? If you need a new smoke detector installed, or an existing detector replaced, we can assist you.

Did you know that new laws are being introduced across Australia regarding smoke detectors, or smoke alarms. Contact Polarised Electrical to find out if you smoke alarm is compliant.

2. Air Conditioning install

Collaborating with an expert refrigeration mechanic, we can organise both the electrical and plumbing aspects of an air conditioning system. Whether you are looking for a refrigerated system or evaporative cooling, we have you needs covered.

3. Switchboard upgrades

A switchboard is a vital part of any electrical installation. The safety switches and distribution of the electricity across the building are configured here. If you have an old circuit breaker or electrical panel that needs upgrading to the latest safety standards, contact us for a quote.

4. LED Lighting upgrades

The energy savings achieved through installing LED lights is a great investment, not to mention, the longevity of the globes compared to flourescent or halogen globes.

5. Ceiling Fan installation

Ceiling fans are great all year round to provide a comfortable environment for your home or office. They have the added benefit of keeping away the flies in outdoor areas in summer.

6. Safety Switch installation

A safety switch is a crucial safety feature of any electrical panel. It protects people from faulty appliances or power issues by turning off the electricity when things become unsafe.

7. Security Lighting installation

Having well lit outdoor areas is important wehen security is a concern. From sensor lights to timed lights, keep criminals away by keeping a light on around your home or business.

8. Outdoor lighting installation

For your outdoor living, why not light up your area with lighting to allow for evenings enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

9. Electric car charger installation

As electric cars become more common, why not install a dedicated high power electric car charging station at your home or office? If you need an electrician in Pakenham to install a charging station, use the contact form on this page or visit the home page for more details.


For more details about Pakenham. try the Cardinia Shire Council website.

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